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------ Race Catcher Overview - IT Risk Management ------

Your JVM Powered applications including Java, Scala, JRuby, Jython and 53 others  ( see here JVM Powered Languages ) just became smarter about their multithreading reliability.

Race Catcher™ is able to analyze running JVM powered applications for Race Conditions (and other multithreading issues).

Modern multi-threaded applications are subject to concurrency faults that cause software systems to fail and inflict downtime, financial losses, customer dissatisfaction, dirty data, and a myriad of other negative consequences. The root cause of such failures are race conditions and deadlocks.

Thinking Software’s Race Catcher solution is powered by a dynamic code analyzer that analyzes dependencies within an application’s code as it executes. Our algorithm detects and locates every concurrency fault experienced by the application as it runs in either of its stage: development, test or production.

With Race Catcher, you may be assured that any race condition or deadlock that occurs in your application is trapped, no matter how silent or obvious its symptoms are; its nature and location are instantly relayed to the engineering team for review and correction. Thus, the debugging and, in general, Program Understanding process is redefined.