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This is where the work on 'Formula of Algorithm' was started - later to become 'Software Understanding Machine®' (SUM).

Benjamin Shapiro (left)unnamed[2]

High Naval Cadet Engineering Military Academy.

(St. Petersburg, Russia) 

This is when the work on the SUM Analytical Engine started which took much longer to build than fixing the engine of this first car for Roman.

Roman Shapiro (left) & Benjamin Shapiro (right)unnamed[1]

Like some of other great companies, we also started in a garage.

(United States)


Benjamin Shapiro

Founder, President, CEO


Benjamin Shapiro received his education from the High Naval Cadet Engineering College (LVVMIU) and Electro Technical University (LETI), both in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Benjamin’s experience in the field accounts for approximately 27 years as a computer software programmer, programming consultant, and a founder of Thinking Software, Inc.

Ben is the author of five US patents and a number of International patents. He is a founder of the Software Understanding Machine® (SUM) technology which will soon have a life of its own with perpetually increasing, never exhausted potential.

“Software runs our world and our world should not be run by “black boxes”. Any software that is capable to run can be made SUM-Enabled. Our world will then be a better place”.

Member of Advisory Board, Lifeboat Foundation (https://lifeboat.com/ex/bios.benjamin.shapiro)


 Roman Shapiro

Founder, CTO


Roman Shapiro received his engineering degree from the State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (LIAP), St. Petersburg, Russia and the North-West State Technical University (NWTU) St. Petersburg, Russia.

Roman has 20 years of experience in the computing field, which includes his experience as a software programmer, VP of Product Engineering, and then CTO at Thinking Software, Inc.

Roman was responsible for the most technologically advanced functional implementations of Software Understanding Machine® (SUM) and Race Catcher.


Peter Norvig

Advisory Board


Peter Norvig is Director of Research at Google Inc.  Previously he was head of Computational Sciences at NASA and a faculty member at USC and Berkeley. He is a AAAI Fellow, ACM Fellow, and American Academy of Arts & Sciences Member.

He has over fifty publications in Computer Science, concentrating on Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Software Engineering, including the books Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (the leading textbook in the field), Paradigms of AI Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp, Verbmobil: A Translation System for Face-to-Face Dialog, and Intelligent Help Systems for UNIX. He is also the author of the Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation and the world’s longest palindromic sentence.

One of Peter’s quotes (about Google’s mission)

 “All of humanity is working for us. We just have to decipher it.”


Tony Wasserman

Advisory Board


Tony Wasserman is a Professor of Software Management Practice at Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley, Executive Director of its Center for Open Source Investigation and serves on the Board of Directors of the Open Source Initiative (OSI).  He is a Fellow of the ACM and a Life Fellow of the IEEE for his contributions to software engineering and software development environments.

Tony was the founder, President and CEO of Interactive Development Environments (IDE).  IDE’s Software through Pictures multiuser modeling environment was released in 1984.

He received his Ph.D in computer sciences from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and his A.B. in Mathematics and Physics from the University of California, Berkeley.



Richard Soley

Advisory Board


Dr. Richard Mark Soley is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OMG ®


and Executive Director of Industrial Internet Consortium.


Dr. Soley also serves on numerous industrial, technical and academic conference program committees, and speaks all over the world on issues relevant to standards, the adoption of new technology and creating successful companies.  He is an active angel investor, and was involved in the creation of both the Eclipse Foundation and Open Health Tools.

Previously, Dr. Soley was a cofounder and former Chairman/CEO of A. I. Architects, Inc., maker of the 386 HummingBoard and other PC and workstation hardware and software. Prior to that, he consulted for various technology companies and venture firms on matters pertaining to software investment opportunities. Dr. Soley has also consulted for IBM, Motorola, PictureTel, Texas Instruments, Gold Hill Computer and others. He began his professional life at Honeywell Computer Systems working on the Multics operating system.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A., Dr. Soley holds bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

As Chairman and CEO of OMG, Dr. Soley is responsible for the vision and direction of the world’s largest consortium of its type. Dr. Soley joined the nascent OMG as Technical Director in 1989, leading the development of OMG’s world-leading standardization process and the original CORBA® specification. In 1996, he led the effort to move into vertical market standards (starting with healthcare, finance, telecommunications and manufacturing) and modeling, leading first to the Unified Modeling Language TM (UML®) and later the Model Driven Architecture® (MDA®). He also led the effort to establish the SOA Consortium in January 2007, leading to the launch of the Business Ecology Initiative (BEI) in 2009. The Initiative focuses on the management imperative to make business more responsive, effective, sustainable and secure in a complex, networked world, through practice areas including Business Design, Business Process Excellence, Intelligent Business, Sustainable Business and Secure Business.  In addition, Dr. Soley is the Executive Director of the Cloud Standards Customer Council, helping end-users transition to cloud computing and direct requirements and priorities for cloud standards throughout the industry.