How to SUM-Enable Different Application Servers

How to SUM-Enable different Application Servers

Different applications servers use different parameters in their startup scripts to address JVM. Examples: 

JAVA_OPTS, JAVA_OPTIONS, jvm_args or jvm-options

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You would know that JVM is picking up your -javaagent parameter correctly when your Race Catcher Workstation displays the project you run.  

Of course, make sure that the classes you are interested in are not filtered out (Menu -> Run -> Next Run Filters)

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To enable Race Catcher agent you would add a -javaagent parameter as follows:

      JBoss  and Tomcat use JAVA_OPTS: 

JAVA_OPTS=-javaagent:path to RaceCatcher/lib/RaceCatcher.jar

WebLogic and Jetty uses JAVA_OPTIONS:

JAVA_OPTIONS=-javaagent:path to RaceCatcher/lib/RaceCatcher.jar

      Resin uses jvm_args

jvm_args=-javaagent:path to RaceCatcher/lib/RaceCatcher.jar