1. Download Race Catcher™ and create a free account

Ramadass Venkadasamy
This tool should be a part of every IDE.
Irena Shaigorodsky
This would have saved me 6 months of my life.
2. Instead of "java -jar yourjar.jar" use "jta -jar yourjar.jar". Otherwise, point to RaceCatcher.jar by -javaagent parameter in your application's startup script

Jukka Tervaskanto
Thank you for this amazing software. We have been able to catch a few races in our product.
Jaroslav Tulach
Thanks for analyzing our RequestProcessor. I am looking forward to make NetBeans more reliable.
3. The results will automatically appear in the Race Catcher™ UI

Doing it in real time, it is very impressive.
Peter Norvig
Valuable service.